Nature Babycare ECO Sensitive Wipes

I was lucky enough to be sent a packet of Nature Babycare ECO Sensitive Wipes to try by the Australian Baby Guide & Nature Babycare to review. 

Now before I get into it, here is a bit of product info:

For your baby’s well-being, our wipes have a durable cloth-like feel without excessive moisture that are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin. Our ECO Fragrance Free Wipes preserve that special baby smell leaving your baby clean and smelling natural.

  • Biodegradable
  • Contains aloe Vera
  • 100% chlorine free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfume free
  • Packaging based on natural and renewable materials
  • I am a big fan of products that have eco ideals and are ethically made, which is one of the reasons I love products such as these and especially stuff from the Body Shop (which I just lurve by the way, but I digress…), I try to buy these products when I can.  I had not however tried these wipes before, this is because products that are ethical and/or ecological usually come at a cost that is substantially more than the generic brands – just like when you buy diet foods, they cost more but have less in them – what is the deal with that?  These wipes retail at around $5.69 and come in a pack of 70 rather than the usual 80, and since we go through a lot of wipes because we have lot’s of little bums and faces to wipe an extra two dollars here and there in the grocery bill can really hurt at the checkout.   These will most likely be an ‘on special only’ item for us I am afraid. 🙁

    Compared to our usual brand these wipes did have more texture, which is something I have missed in a wipe (we call this: poo scraping capability).  Many moons ago when I had my first baby Huggies wipes were so damn thick you could just about wash the car with one, they were so good you could do a nappy change with just one wipe – now look at them, it is pretty hard to tell them apart from the generic brands these days.  The Nature Babycare wipes could be a little thicker too, it is very easy to put your finger through mid wipe, ewwww.  The ‘resealable’ sticker needs to be stickier, when you get about ten to twenty wipes into the pack the sticker thing gives up –  not practical when you take these wipes out on the go.  But otherwise I thought they were okay, they are the first lot of wipes I have found that really are unscented when they say they are, some brands seem to have a chemical or mildew smell to them if they add no scent.  I like that these wipes are biodegradable , I would like to know more about the manufacturing process though.  The packaging looks good, not all cutiepie baby stuff everywhere it gets the message across without making you hunt for the info and apparently the package is made with chalk somehow, either way it feels good and is non slip (yes that does matter!)  Great to see the wipes won a Mother & Baby Gold award too! 

    Thanks ABG & Nature Babycare for the opportunity to try out these wipes, much appreciated 🙂


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    6 Responses to Nature Babycare ECO Sensitive Wipes

    1. Abby

      ooohhhh….they sound good. Are they flushable??

    2. Ro

      Do they give an approximate time frame in which they degrade?
      I only ask as I’ve trialled a few different brands (not for use in poo scraping capability, just around the house!) and they do not break down in the compost even after 2 years.

      • I don’t know Ro, but I have cracked them off a message asking. I shall post back when I find out. Thank you for asking, I hadn’t even thought about that.

      • Hi Ro,
        I got this reply today.

        “Nature Babycare Australia wrote:
        “The wipes are 100% biodegradable however speed depends on quality of the compost/conditions. If anyone is home composting we’d love to hear your experience!”

    3. Ro

      Ahh, ok, thanks.
      I’ll give ’em a go and chuck ’em in the compost to see how the wormies like them and how well they break down 🙂

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