Children were made to embarrass their parents…

I was doing the school run this morning, and today was Henry’s (Future Dark Overlord) day at preschool.  I drop the big kids off at their school first and I take Henry in to the school with me as I take his big brother into the support unit, all good so far.  As I leave I stop to chat to a couple of mums that I know, a school bus happens to pull in beside us.  Little Henry had been, up until this point, impressing these ladies with how adorable he thinks he is giving them the big doe eyes and cheeky grin.  Nobody ever believes me when I tell them what evil things he gets up too.  Then he spied the bus.  Suddenly the boy is very animated,  and he shouts:




I stare at the child. He looks up at me and one more time he says: Fuck Mum!  

Yes I know he meant truck. Really he did. 

The other Mum’s however didn’t really look like they believed my explanation at all.  You just know they’re thinking JEZUZ she must be swearing at those kids at home, and with this crowd who could blame me.  But in this house only Mum is allowed to swear kiddies 😉

But the upside? The kid said some coherant words!


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15 Responses to Children were made to embarrass their parents…

  1. rachael

    roflmao kids gotta love them or you would lock em in a cupboard til they were 21

  2. Bec

    Aww, isn’t he adoarble! Go Henry, keep embarassing your Mum!

  3. Meg

    bahahaha OMG how embarrassing!!

  4. Yeah, I almost spit up the water I was just drinking. That is hilarious!

  5. Jenn

    always remember if the proper mothers have a problem with shit the proper mothers have the problem with shit. if a kid saying fuck offends them they need to fuckoffandgetalifeelsewhere

  6. Well, at least he did mean truck. Mine has become quite adept at swearing to himself in context e.g. when he drops something. Thankfully it’s only to himself, but we all know I’m going straight to mummy hell for letting him catch me at this.

  7. Trucking Hell!

    Thanks for adding your story to my pantheon of sweary stories:

    Keep em coming!

  8. Does it help you to know that this little speech quirk is quite common? I’ve taught at least 4 kinder boys who’ve all had this fabulous turn of phrase…. surely it made the other mothers laugh? I know I would have been giggling!

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