Going on a road trip with half a dozen kids!

We are on ‘holiday’ – and are heading down the south coast of New South Wales.  It is quite a large-scale operation for us to go anywhere, and it was a massive drive to get here, some 14 hours driving – I still feel like I’m bouncing around in the driver’s seat of our bus.  The packing was also massive, just for the kids it works out to: 24 shirts, 12 long pants, 6 sets of pyjamas, 25 pairs of underpants, 10 bibs, 2 packs of wipes, 8 bodysuits/singlets, one case of nappies, 12 jumpers, 10 pairs of shoes, 20 pairs of socks, 8 shorts, 2 skirts plus toys to keep them entertained, food and drink, the potty, portable cot, baby bassinette, portable high chair, portable baby bath and favourite blankets, prams and movies to watch. Oh my god. And then there is also the medications and toiletries.  Husband and I just threw our miserable little heap of belongings into one bag and squeezed it into the fray.

Along the way I discovered the swish little bottle warmer that you can plug into the car didn’t work. Bit miffed as it was its maiden voyage and didn’t bloody work!   So since it was sub-zero temps at 4am when we left home you can imagine that bubs bottle was damn cold by the time he wanted it at 6am.  So I had to resort to warming the bottle around various place on my body, one of those places happened to be my cleavage (hey I’ve seen some women use it as a stubby holder, so why not a baby bottle?).  So sitting between my boobs like a third appendage was the bottle when I walked into a service station to pay for the petrol at the crack of dawn.  Can you imagine the look on the face of the bloke behind the counter when I walk in with a third boob going on? And you should have seen his face change when I whipped it out (after he had asked what I had in my bosom) and asked to use his microwave – oh yeah I am a classy gal on the go.

Our journey went very well – surprisingly – no vomit to be reported, from the kids at least 😉 the only big issue we encountered was keeping Henry (future dark overlord) in his seatbelt.  I am really out of ideas and gadgets on that, we just cannot keep the kid in any kind of restraint!  Oh and there was one startling moment when I look in the mirror to see Georgie sitting on the potty in the bus ailse as we are driving!   But anyway today we enjoyed a day looking around beautiful Ulladulla and Kings Point.  I thought I’d share some snap shots with you 🙂




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  1. I love “holidaying” down the South Coast 🙂 Enjoy! Impressive packing list! lol

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