For a while now I had been looking for kid sized ear muffs, as we have autistic children who have sensory processing disorders and for sometime we’d been using adult sized muffs, which are very hard to keep on their heads. So I was very happy to read about them in this fantastic blog, and I ordered a set as soon as I saw them.  Here is a bit of information about them:

    Edz Kidz Ear Defenders are a sturdy folding ear muff making them easy to carry and store with a soft cover over the headband to ensure all over comfort. The funky range of colours will appeal to kids of all ages. Edz Ear Muffs come in 4 colours, blue, pink, yellow and red.  Edz Kidz Ear Defenders are a convenient option for protecting the hearing of your precious little one. You will find them useful in many situations, including:
  • Concerts,
  • Parties,
  • Motor racing,
  • Church,
  • Fireworks,
  • Footy games…… and plenty more occasions.CE Approved (Meets Australian safety standards)
  •  Edz Kidz Ear Muffs - Red

    Autistic children often have sensory issues and this leads to behavioural problems.  One big problem for our boy is background noise, for anyone else the noises you hear in say a supermarket would just fade away, but for a kid like ours those noises are all in the foreground trying to get their attention and all at once.  Can you imagine that for a just a minute? You can see how that would upset and overwhelm a child.  This is where the ear muffs are a saviour, we carry them in our kit full of things we have for just such occasions.  You should see what happens if our son gets startled by the PA in a store!  They fold up nice and small too, and really do block out a lot of sound as I tried them myself.  I would encourage (and have been) parents of children with sensory issues, especially when going to noisy places, to give these a go as they may help to avert potential meltdowns.  They are quite reasonably priced at under 30 dollars too. We have had our ear muffs for about a month now and so far so good, they seem to be sturdy enough to tolerate our bunch fighting over them as they love to wear them during play.  They fit big heads to small ones, check out my minions wearing them 🙂


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    1. Thanks for the link back! I’m so glad that my review was helpful and you have some gorgeous models there 😀 xx

    2. Debra Downey

      Very cool 🙂

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    4. leyanie

      I have been looking for something like this for my fella Oscar!
      Awesome 😉

    5. Lou

      thanks candy, these are the ones i saw on the little girl at JBT 🙂

    6. Noise induced hearing loss is especially troublesome in children. Children can experience noise induced hearing loss from a variety of sources, including music, machinery, and even toys, which can emit sounds over 100 dB. Parents should place protection over the ears of their children in loud environments.

      Baby Ear Muffs for Noise

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