Stop in the name of love…

I was listening to some waffle on one of those morning shows a couple of days ago about unrealistic expectations woman have about love.  This was blamed on romantic comedy movies.  The debate that followed pretty much said that these movies set the bar too high for men, and that men show love to their partners in other ways that are not necessarily romantic but should be seen as being so. 

Uh huh.  I have heard this theory before.

So after some ‘discussion’ with the husband apparently the ways in which men show love to their spouses can include:

  • Doing the dishes
  • Picking up his crap, I mean picking up after himself.
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Making the kids lunches
  • Making you a coffee
  • And (GET THIS) minding the children – yeah those children our men helped create, hmmm.

Now I don’t know about you, but this just pisses me off.  At what point does housework become a gift done out of love?  Sure I probably wouldn’t spend every waking hour cleaning up after this lot if I didn’t love them, but come on!  I shouldn’t have to accept that necessary jobs being done around the house, as something that is supposed to make me feel loved, because it doesn’t.  And does this mean that I can now claim all acts of housework as an act of romance and if so this probably means that I am dishing out the love in far greater helpings than I am receiving.  This should – in theory – exclude me from having to give any further gifts, massages or for that matter sex.  I believe my romantic debt is paid up for years to come, actually I think I am in credit.  It is time to collect.   Would a  bunch of flowers really be that hard to pull off guys?

…end rant…


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7 Responses to Stop in the name of love…

  1. I was reading your post out to my partner. He was smiling as I was reading and then said .. hon I love you & I just changed the oil in your car. Do you think he was trying to score brownie points?

  2. I love my husband, but I refuse to uncurl his disgusting socks before putting them in the wash. Instead I save them in a small pile on the floor like those little rocks Adelie Penguins give to their mate during courtship.

    If he loves me, and he doesn’t want to wear tennis socks under his suit, he options are clear xx

  3. Husband has done the dishes ONCE since we moved 4 weeks ago. Clearly he does not love me.

    • Not familiar with the location of the sink maybe? 😉

      • Possibly. He claims he has been helping by polishing the floors and furniture. Which explains why the floor is always so damn slippery and the girls keep falling over and why every time I put anything down on a wooden surface it comes up stained. Have asked him to cease and desist with the floor and furniture polishing and do something actually helpful.

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