Will you help me raise money for Autism?

I am trying my best to raise funds and awareness for Autism, as most of you would know I have two (nearly three) autistic children. 

Veronica Harvey Photographics in Brisbane has promised to donate $5 from every session she does this August and September to my fundraising effort, how generous is that!  So if you are in Brisbane or even know someone who lives there, do get on to Veronica – her work is beautiful and really well priced.  For just $50 you will receive a photo session, disk of images and the knowledge you have helped someone with Autism.  If you wish to help support my cause directly you can here.  Thanks 🙂

Veronica Harvey Photographics


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2 Responses to Will you help me raise money for Autism?

  1. Does she do housecalls? Best photos we ever had taken were by a guy who came to the house and set up a white backdrop, then let the kids come and go and sit with us as they pleased.

    Okay, it was the only time we have ever paid anybody to take photos.. the rest of them come from willing press photographers. But these were way better.

    Good luck with the fund-raising.

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