Watching telly with the In-laws.

As those of you who follow me on twitter may know, my in-laws have been staying with us for the past week – and if you didn’t know about it I’d like you to share with me which rock you were hiding under, so I can use it next time. 

The usual in-law bitching aside, I made an interesting, no let’s call it annoying observation of their behaviour while they were here, which was too damn funny not to share. 

Watching television with my in-laws is REALLY annoying.  It is like they are staring at this amazing glowing box that is telling them stories of magic and wonder, it makes me question if they know how to turn their own telly on. 

While they watch television they ask questions about whatever it is we are watching, and the questions NEVER stop, it’s like they are friggen five years old!  I am pretty sure they do this on purpose.  I jotted down these pearls as they reached my throbbing eardrums, here are a few examples:

  • While watching Glee the mother in-law asks about the paralysed kid, “Why is he in a wheelchair then?”  I replied (being a smart-arse), “Oh he is just can’t be arsed walking”.  And she accepted that answer without comment.  Husband was quietly snickering away on the couch.
  • Another good one came from the father in-law while watching Glee too.  “Oh so they are all gay then?”
  • Days of our lives was being discussed by husband and mother in-law (that in itself is strange, why were they talking about it, let alone watching it), and she asks, “Was that the show with the vampires in it, wasn’t that shown around 1946?”, and the father in-law says “No that was Passions wasn’t it?”.  
  • And my all time favourite came out of the father in-law again while watching Pretty Woman, a movie they have apparently never seen before.  Richard Gere enters the scene and the question asked was “So is he going to murder her then?”  – What the?

And you should have seen the confusion created when we had to explain a KFC advert “Who is this Fitzy? Is he famous for saying Fitzy?”   Some of the comments and questions that came were so out there you just know that they aren’t making them up, they are serious questions.   And everything that they don’t understand is obviously magic, yes they really do ask “oh so is he magic then?” and this question could come while watching Neighbours.  Seriously.

Note to self: I must display same behaviour next time I watch tv at their place (that’ll be fun kiddies).


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4 Responses to Watching telly with the In-laws.

  1. Ah the joys. My mother is always full of insane questions on the rare occasion we get to watch some television. I forgive though on the grounds
    A) she doesn’t watch the same shows as me so really has no idea what is going on
    B) she has MS and the pain meds fuck with her head.

  2. This is sooo funny! That would have been so frustrating while watching though…

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