Over Friendly Facebook Friends

Have you got one?

I seem to have collected a few friends that are just too friendly. So friendly in fact I feel embarrassed for them.  So friendly that my other friends have started sending me messages asking about the overly friendly friends, worried they may be a stalker. 

It seems these over friendly friends are always online, because the moment I post anything they are right there with a comment and a friendly thumbs up.  “Friendly Friend Likes This”.

They are LOL’ing way too hard at anything I have to say. Apparently my update a few days ago about my iPad being AWOL was a scream – “ROTFLMAO, you are awesome” – was the response.  I don’t know about you, but I felt that was somewhat over the top response to my grizzling.  And if they are not LOL’ing their asses off they are telling me I am a supermum.  Okay settle down there people, I don’t think so.

These friendly friends are starting to spook me out of doing an update, because I have this fear that they are laying in wait, hoping someone will pop up online.  And then they try to be wittier (if that’s even a word) than you and anyone else that cares to comment, or they even start chatting back to your friends that they don’t even know.  Next thing you know they will be following mutual friends and it will all start over again.  Maybe I should encourage them all to be friends so I can share the love so to speak 😉 

…end rant.

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