I was sent a FlexiBath to try out (Yay!) by the lovely people at the Product Store (you’ll find links to them at the bottom of the review).

Product Info:

From the Danish company A Real Cool World comes a hard plastic, foldable bathtub for babies and toddlers. The Flexi Bath is the same size of an average baby bath and does not contain any harmful materials – even the packaging is made from recycled paper. After use, it folds flat with a simple touch of your hand.

The award-winning Flexi Bath resolves storage concerns – it can fit against the wall, in a cabinet, under the bed… the Flexi Bath, in its folded state, can fit just about anywhere! Since the Flexi Bath does not have a wide rim around the top, like most other tubs, it appears to be smaller, but this is only an optical illusion. Once filled with water the Flexi Bath expands to hold up to 39 litres and accommodates a toddler up to the age of 4.

The Flexi Bath comes in 6 funky colours and features a non-slip bottom and surface. Free of PVC and other hazardous materials, the Flexi-Bath is comfortable, healthy and environmentally responsible.

Before filling this tub with water I was convinced that it wouldn’t stay unfolded (mine keeps wanting to fold up when empty), but once it has water in it to weigh it down it is very stable. There is nothing to it really, fill it up and away you go – we used it in exactly the same way we would normally use a baby bath. The plug was a little hard to get out, this is a good thing as the kids all had a go at getting it out. I actually found that I could run a deeper bath than I normally can in our usual tub, this was great as I could float our wee bubba in it and let him have a nice relaxing floaty warm bath, he loved it.
It’s kind of like a cross between something from a camping shop and Ikea, well that’s what hubby said the minute he saw it, and I agree with him on that (shhh don’t tell him I agreed with something he said ) But that said, the design isn’t bad it looks okay, I wouldn’t say I am drawn to it as being attractive… but it’s okay to look at.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was not having anywhere to sit things like face washer or soap etc, but this is to be expected as it is a portable bath, you cannot have the same expectations obviously. Other than that I like it. The size is good folded and unfolded. 
The bath retails for $64.95 and quite I’m stingy (no let’s call me budget driven) so I wouldn’t be paying that price to be honest, a more realistic price in my opinion would be under 50 dollars.
This bath will get well used in our family as we are frequently on the road with our crowd, and this will free up boot space and save the wee one’s being bathed in sinks. And for that my babies say thanks!

Find out more about the FlexiBath from the Product Store – www.theproductstore.com.au


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  1. That’d be handy for travel or limited space. I probably wouldn’t pay that much for it though either.

  2. Ohh so glad you reviewed this I am looking at getting it for our camptrip over Easter and beyond with our new bubba Bella, I’ll check it out more now!

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