School Photos – Strike a pose!

This year I decided to boycott buying the school photos.  I am tired of throwing my money away on photos that are just too – let’s call them interesting – to hang on the wall.

Lucy comes home from school today with a bundle of school photos, despite me not having paid for them – so yay bonus – however! On checking out her portrait I was once again reminded why I decided against coughing up the dough for them this year.  Lucy does not take photos well, I don’t know why this is as she is beautiful (if I say so myself), but for some reason as soon as a camera is pointed at her she just seems to – I don’t know – go Zoolander on us?  When we send these photos to relatives they have called us to ask if she pulled those faces on purpose!  And well I got nothing, I don’t know what to say, but I know you want to see them. 😉

So here’s the reason for my boycott:

This one has been likened to children of the corn.  Staring down the barrel of the camera, I’m fairly sure she can read your thoughts, or at least start fires with her mind.

This one is my personal favourite – it says Paris Hilton mug shot.  I feel like typing up a charge sheet and sticking it under her chin 😉 But really what was the photographer doing here? How hard is it to say to a kid, smile! And I bet it was digital, easy enough for a do over I’m sure.

And here is today’s effort, I kinda like this one.  But according to her it’s my fault that she had messy hair. Of course it is.

Well at least in years to come I will be able to look back at these and have more than just a smile, but a giggle as well. 🙂


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  1. Lisa

    Lol, it seems there is one in every family. Our second daughter, who is now 16, has had only a couple of decent school photos.

    I do like the first picture of Lucy, she actually looks very cute…not too children of the corn at all.

  2. There are at least two other pictures I can’t find, but I recall them being just as interesting. So yes we are hard pressed for school pictures to hang upon the wall.

  3. Jenn


    I would caption them:
    1. what the f**k does the photographer think they are doing
    2. what the F**k
    3.who gives as shit I am cool regardless!

    The real point to remember is that, like passport photos, in 10 years time you stop thinking I look like shite and think F**k me dead (FMD) I look young there!

  4. They’re adorable. At least they show some personality. I’d rather those to glammed up girly looking shots of my tomboyish girl. Ok, glammed up girly shots sounds kinda dirty, not what I meant at all.

  5. LOL we decided to boycott school photos also, a year or two ago. They are rarely very good and the prices of them are just ridiculous. Apart from which, when you have a big family, they RARELY make it to the wall or into a frame. What’s the point? Grandparents love school photos – if you have, say, 2 children. Anything more than that becomes a bit of an inconvenience for them. School photos are… evil. I have one of Bailey to rival these ones too. I must show you some day!

  6. Jenn

    Good point re Lucy not liking photo – I agree as I think there are 3 photos in existence of me that I like!

    BTW I think, on reflection, in that last one she is really thinking: “wonder how long before he realises his fly is undone”

    Regardless of photos she looks like she has a really good sense of who she is – foster that and teach her to say bugger the conventional bastards!

  7. we don’t get them very often. Old State Autism School used to pay David Bailey’s less well known irish brother to come to the school and spend TWO DAYS getting “natural shots” of the kids and their teachers/assistants etc.
    I say David Bailey because of the price quoted for a SINGLE PRINT of one of these admittedly candid and beautiful shots. So I used to pinch them off the main notice board and take em’ home and scan em. then sneak them back on next day – one good thing about velcro hey?


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