How cute are these leg warmers?


 I checked out Inverell’s newest little kids shop today – I was very excited to find a shop that had all the products I had only ever seen online, especially in our little town (Yay!)  A beautifully set up store, with a great play pen for the wee one’s and couches for the bored Dads    I bought my wee man Austin some BabyLegs, so cute, and they are another one of those things that make you think – D’oh why didn’t I think of that? They are leg warmers, and yes they are somewhat 80′s retro, but I recall them working very well for me (whoops showing my age there).  It could be time for a resurgence?  Okay maybe they are not for everyone, especially adults who are not dancers and the picture of the dad wearing them on his arms on the pack is hilarious, but for babies they look gorgeous.  My little man who has only been walking a couple of weeks has been scooting around the house in them all day, walking and crawling and so far they have stayed up and have no pulls in them either and are a great way to show off a nice bright modern cloth nappy cover.    These are BabyLegs in case you are interested.

Disclosure: I was not paid nor given product to try for the above review.

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  1. Lou

    I love baby leggings, Billie owns 5 or 6 pairs 🙂

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