Material Girl

I’ve just spent the last two hours cleaning out my daughter’s room.  The experience has left me feeling dejected, bereft and reaching for the stoli.  How can one small person accumulate so much shit?!  I know we don’t buy the crap, and the poor kid only gets bought toys twice a year – birthday and christmas – that’s it. 

Lucy is a material girl.  She has to keep everything,  BUT that doesn’t mean she will look after said object of her desire.  I have just thrown away about six Barbie dolls with matted hair, three Bratz dolls with no feet (why the hell can’t they have attached feet FFS?), seven books with several pages missing or covers ripped off (it shits me that she doesn’t look after books as much as I did as a child, I still have my childhood favourites – and am too scared to give them to her as I know they will be tortured in her pit of despair, I mean bedroom), around twenty school magazines was bits cut out of them, several thousand pieces of paper cut from said magazines, bits of string, limbs from dolls, and then YES AND THEN there was the stashed uneaten school lunch – I kid you not.  The little bugger had hidden an apple and sandwich in her sock drawer.  It took me sometime to work out it was a sandwich.

I don’t know how the kid manages it.  Outwardly her room appears fairly tidy most of the time, toys everywhere but clean.  Her ability to find hiding holes for her need to stash and keep everything that comes to her hand is amazing.

But what surprises me about Lucy is despite wanting to hold onto possessions, she treats everything she owns terribly.  So much so I’ve started to tell grandparents not to waste their money on her till she can appreciate gifts.  This is one of those “kids today…” things I guess.  I know I didn’t treat my toys and books badly as a kid, and I still have a lot of them.  Is this because she seems to have so much that she thinks “oh well there’s more where that came from”, and if so what kind of child are we raising and how do we thwart her potentially becoming a spoiled little generation me kid?  I don’t really know what else we can do with her.  If she breaks something it is not replaced, I try to tell her the value and cost of things but really I don’t think she has a clue or cares.  And why don’t boys do this? 

I am dreading Lucy the teenager.

…. end rant.


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  1. Lucy sounds just like my 10 year old daughter. Lets hope the planets never align to where Lucy and The Girl end up as room mates!

  2. Hi, Candy, I’m pleased to “meet” you. I was sent here by someone on Twitter under the #Autism search. So nice to know this social media, leapfrogging, we’re-all-connected-by-less-than-6-degrees-of-separation thingy works! I also have a son on the autism spectrum. My best friend here in NYC is Australian (ex-pat) and she has a son w/ Aspergers (as does her sister in Australia). Your writing is lovely and I am so glad to have found you. If you want to “meet” me, you can visit my blog — I’m “The Squashed Bologna: a slice of life in the sandwich generation” (long title, I know) at: thanks, Varda

  3. Sounds like my three-year-old – whose teenagerhood I am also dreading!

    Thanks for visiitng my blog Candy – sorry it has taken a day to get over to you!

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