I’ve ordered the boxes!

Well I’ve ordered lots of boxes to start packing up our crap in.  Decision made, we are going to move.  I fear this will be a mammoth task, especially with a crowd of the likes of ours.  Our little autism people will not adjust to the change very well, and I don’t need a fortune-teller to see that coming.  But it is for our little autism people who we must move to somewhere that is closer to more services, we just can’t keep gallivanting all over the country side for appointments and neither can our cars.  AND I believe my sanity is at stake here.  One more trip to Newcastle and I tells you….   

So the work begins.  We intend to make the move for just before Christmas, if all goes to plan.  So I now have to work out what to do with our house and the monumental amount of crap we have.  I have been culling stuff but I don’t seem to making a dent in it at all.   And where did all this shit come from, I don’t even remember buying half of it.  Who bought us a cheese cutting board?  We don’t even serve cheese up on a board in this house.  And then there is the wine rack, we don’t drink wine so I am at a total loss on that one.  The other problem I have is that I feel that it is too much work to try to sell it all, so I have taken to bagging it up for charity.   I took six big bags of clothes to them last week, and yet Mt Washmore still stands, what’s the deal?  I have a theory that our crap must breed during the night, I’m sure I get up and find more of it in the morning.  And then there is the fields of baby stuff I have, what to do?  I am open to charitable ideas.

Despite the work that lay ahead of me, I am quite looking forward to the change myself, because I will admit I am bored.  I want to be near interesting things.  I want the novelty of exploring my new surroundings again.  I want to unpack and set up house in a different spot.  AND I want to be near some decent shops – very tired of getting most of my needs online. 

Wish me luck, big damn year ahead.  There will be lots of ranting, I will apologise now.  You have been warned.


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  1. Jules

    Good luck with the move! It’s funny how things can accumulate over the years, it’s like Christmas all over again!

  2. Deb

    Good luck! Skips are always fun! Charity is good too, garage sale?

  3. Thank you ladies 🙂
    I am considering the garage sale Deb.

  4. It is a huge task, I know, but I bet you’ll find that if you keep at it in 4 or 5 months you’ll be amazed at what you’ve whittled down. I tend to give stuff to charity as well (and use the tax write-off) instead of trying to sell it, as that is too time consuming. We’ve sold a few larger items, but otherwise it’s quicker and easier just to give it away and get it out of the house. Good luck!

    And yeah, cheese boards. I think there are elves in the basement that make them at night.

  5. Good luck with it all. I hate moving and have moved twice in the past 18 months.

    I don’t have any sage advice though, other than to sort through and get rid of the accumulated crap while kids and spouse are nowhere around. It is amazing what crap they decide they need to keep. Yeah, I’m talking about crap like cheese cutting boards.

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