I’ve been the victim of a random act of kindness! Thank you Pandora!

I received the most beautiful surprise today.  Before I show you all, I want to thank the reader who thought enough of me and what I had to say, to contact Pandora and tell them about me.  I now know who that reader was but she has asked me not to tell, but she is awesome folks AWESOME!

Some of you may recall that my Autistic son Thomas has a thing for chewing on Mummies stuff, and recently he got at my new Pandora charm bracelet, he had a good old chew on it – beads everywhere, and a damn good bitten kink in the chain.  My poor husband had to rake through our ensuite drain traps trying to find beads.  Very sad was I, the bracelet was a week old.   And being so very annoyed I blogged (as you do) my despair at not being able to function as a normal household – I should be able to sit my bracelet down while I shower and get out and NOT find it eaten!  But anyway…

Look at this!


Isn’t that lovely.  Things like this don’t happen to me, so thank you again – you know who you are – and of course a big thank you to PANDORA as well, who felt compelled and kind enough to replace my mangled bracelet.  It came with a lovely handwritten note from the Pandora marketing team, really nice to see the personal caring side of a big company (so they do exist!)  I am already wearing it, and a big smile 🙂 

I don’t know what else to say, but thank you – this has made my day.


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10 Responses to I’ve been the victim of a random act of kindness! Thank you Pandora!

  1. Wow! That’s wonderful! I won a Valentine’s Day bracelet from Pandora this year and they were delightful to deal with. I’m so glad you had your bracelet replaced. Enjoy!

  2. WOW Candy… that is incredible. You sure have an angel looking out for you ♥ Good on you, mystery person!

  3. awwwww……how wonderful!!!!
    so lovely to hear about this beautiful act of kindness from both your friend and Pandora 🙂

    enjoy your new bracelet Candy!

  4. Bec

    Awesome Candy! You deserve it!

  5. Kind and thoughtful people like your anonymous friend bring a tear to my eye. So sweet 🙂

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