A weekend in April.

Ever had to go somewhere, and even though you are happy to be going you just dread the effort that is going to be involved? And no matter how much you try not to let that affect your mood on your eventual arrival at the destination – you just can’t.  But that said, I think I am somewhat entitled to be in a mood. Let me tell you about my weekend.

It started four days ago with a necessary trip to Sydney to collect a new car, because husband broke his car (again).  So as I ALWAYS do I try to see the bright side and figure let’s make it into a sightseeing trip along the way.  Somebody should smack me on the nose with a rolled up newspaper anytime I even think about travelling with these children of mine.  Anyways, a trip to Sydney from our place (with kids) takes around 13 hours to drive.  You can imagine one would be pretty damn suicidal at the end that day, trust me I know.  So we now break the trip up into two days and stop somewhere in the middle of the first day and on the way back.

But travelling with such a large posse presents accommodation problems.  Not many places will take more than six people in a cabin.  Lot’s of phone calls later I found spots at The Breakwater park Port Macquarie and Sea Shells Diamond Beach Resort near Forster.  While I’m here I might point out that the people at Diamond Beach went to great lengths to fit us all in, don’t be baulked by the resorts outward appearance because the rooms are very clean and well set up and it’s right on the beach.

However it took us two hours longer to get to Port than we expected because of road works, the signs telling us about the road works were very helpfully placed at the Port Macquarie end of the road we were travelling on.

But we arrived…. breath out….  I decided to take the kids to see a rainforest.  This was not to be the exciting experience for them as I had hoped, actually I think maybe it was just me and three-year old Georgie that enjoyed.  Oh wait Thomas enjoy the foliage, eating it that is.  Nope not even a rainforest is safe from Tom’s taste testing.  But waking up to dolphins playing in the water right in front of your cabin makes it worth the trip.  One of these days I’m going to have to do a kid free trip to Port Macquarie.

This trips going to be educational if it kills me!  From Port we set out for Sydney with the intention of going to Taronga Zoo on the Saturday, however so did the rest of Sydney it seems.  When we arrived at the Zoo gates the crowd turned as if they were one person and stared at us.  Absolutely everyone.  I almost wish I had a video camera to capture the moment.  I was in a, let’s call it interesting, mood by this point, so I decided to say Hello to crowd.  Hi everyone we’re here!  Didn’t get too many Hello’s back, I wonder why?  Lot’s of nervous giggling though.  Look at the crazy lady with all the kids.  The one good thing about owning such a large pram is that people get out of your way while they stop and stare.  Fantastic for clearing the crowd when it came to seeing the baby elephant Mr Shuffles, I can’t remember what his real name is, Pad Thai or something.  There was another little baby girl elephant, I think she was called Chai Tea. 😉

Having a pram such as this I figure saves me on gym membership, bahahaha who am I kidding like we have a gym I can go to!  My point is that the pram when full weighs around 70 kilos, and if you haven’t been to Taronga Zoo before you should know it is built on a steep hillside, bits of me (and husband) are still aching.  But we made it around, not quite all animals seen, but enough – because really husband and I had enough before we even got there just on the drive through north Sydney.   Had a minor celebrity sighting while there, but his name escapes me, that red-headed bloke from the 7.30 report, Kerry something.

That night I decide to visit family and friends as a nice little unannounced surprise, which it was.  I took the new car for its maiden voyage up the Blue Mountains and back.  How AWESOME was it to be driving a car alone for the first time in ages.  On the way back to Sydney however the gods had other things in store for me, having fun young lady? I don’t think so…   because the clutch let go, in a car with seven thousand kilometres on it.  B.E.A. utiful.  So after successfully negotiating south-western Sydney in a car stuck in third gear, I get back and husband tells me that he accidently put his mobile phone through the wash… eye twitching…

So we leave Sydney, minus the new car and head for Diamond Beach, via Newcastle.  We stop at the brother in-laws at the exact moment their two-year old son falls from their 3 metre high deck. Oh my fucking god!  This is the point where I will stop complaining about my weekend, pales in comparison really.  The kid must have bounced because although he took a lot of skin off his face, the only other injury is a broken wrist.  Damn lucky, you know if I’d had that kind of fall I’d be in traction.  Still feel sick just thinking about it.  I’ve been lucky with my kids not having any big injuries so far, and with the number of them you’d think the odds would be pretty high.

Exhausted we get to the Resort and fall into our room(s), at some point I become aware that thunderous noise is not my pounding head, but the ocean.  So I head to the beach with my girls and enjoy some time searching for shells and taking photos.

Next day we head back to Inverell.  Next week one of us has to head to Sydney again, to collect the car… again.  Not exactly sure how we’re going to pull that off.  Oh adventures.

Here is a link to see the rest of the weekends photos: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=171229&id=539967866&l=9a7e8ca184


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