Good News Week & bad Autistic jokes.

Channel Ten’s Good News Week aired some jokes about Autism last night that I found offensive. 
A lot of people have commented that I need to ‘lighten up’ and that it’s just a joke. Yes I agree it was a joke, and anyone who knows me, knows that I am quite politically incorrect most of the time, but… 
It was in poor taste and badly timed, considering April is Autism Awareness Month.
I was asked to comment about this in the Telegraph today by the Hon Bill Shorten, who is the man behind the amount of publicity this has received, and Federal Secretary for Disabilities. He is very passionate about this issue.

Now, I am a huge fan of GNW and have been since way back to its ABC days. They push the envelope all the time. Look at the Bindi Irwin crack. No one thought that was funny, even though it was, you weren’t allow to say it was.  You can’t pick on a little girl like that.   Good News Week is getting very close to being able to compare it to The Chaser War on Anything.

As a parent of autistic children who has to live with its trials 24 hours a day. I have to say I was disgusted by the autism cracks by Russell Cane (who incidentally cracks not funny autism jokes on twitter every now and then, he needs new material I think) and felt let down by a show I’ve loved for a long time. Channel 10 is really to blame though, they should not have aired it with the jokes in it.  And removing them would not have affected the continuity at all in my opinion.

The upside of this is that it has attracted attention during Autism Awareness month, as it was otherwise receiving very little despite various groups propaganda. Personally I have invested a lot of time into promoting Autism awareness, and the jokes just made that effort feel slightly pointless.


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  1. Ro

    Hear, hear!
    There’s jokes and then there’s…what we were served up last night.

  2. lemmiwinks

    GNW is complete crap. Used to be funny back in the ABC days, but now it’s just a platform for a bunch of washed up hacks to be try-hard funny. Apparently any publicity is good publicity.

    Personally I stopped watching after they advocated hitting cyclists with your car. The same defense as with the autism jokes was used but I don’t buy it and neither would my family if I didn’t come home one day.

  3. He also bagged out Tassie and various other things. It certainly wasn’t intelligent humour, that’s for sure. I’d like to see him walk a mile in the shoes of a mother with an Autistic child, that’s for sure.

  4. I left a comment and await publishing email. We had a similar furore with a stand up comedian called Frankie Boyle – who heckled a member of his audience that wasn’t finding the whole “parents of kids with Downs are old fashioned and frumpy/kids with Downs have bad haircuts and speak funny” schtick he was doing very funny.

    She was the young, funky mother of a pretty 6 year old with Downs with good hair and nice clothes who attends her local mainstream school.

    Apart from attacking a group of people who cannot, largely defend themselves, this is just bad comedy. It is NOT funny because they are using boring outdated stereotypes.

    Now if he was talking about lining up toy cars or telling you every kind of dinosaur or wanting to be squashed or needing a good twirl, spin, chew, or flap – before settling down to hack into NASA’s computer and then develop an App that makes Android phones make a fart sound – that might be funny.

    I am intrigued though to hear that Russel Kane specialises in Autistic Humor. I’ve never got this and I watch a little bit of “Mock the Week” sometimes. But I really prefer QI – which is intelligent, hilarious and hosted by the Charming King of The Aspies – Stephen Fry. xx

  5. GNW made a point of commenting about Autism at the end of this weeks show, encouraging awareness and directing them to their website for a link about support (I think) and Autism Hour – which is April 30 by the way 😉
    Good stuff.

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