The Cubeo

Cubeo is the product all children need to get organised each day for school.  Another innovative Aussie invention, the Cubeo™ is a revolution in organisation! Attaching easily to backpacks, the compact colourful Cubeo™ helps children remember what they need to bring to school each day of the week. With the Cubeo™, getting ready for school is a breeze, and remembering what to take home, as easy as 1-2-3.  The front window displays items needed every day and the clever drop-down cards ensure that children remember the things they need on specific days of the week

Cubeo Stickers Four Colour Resized

It’s fun and simple to use. With over 80 re-useable stickers featuring common schoolbag items for all school grades and extracurricular activities, the Cubeo™ makes remembering what to pack, and bring home, enjoyable and easy.

Now I love all things communication aide wise as I have children with Autism.  (I think I have a communication picture addiction, other SN mums will know what I’m talking about).  Everything we do in our household has a routine to it.  When I saw this on the New Inventors show I had to hunt one down.  And I have to say it has been extremely useful in our morning school rush.  Even my husband refers to it!  I set it up with the stickers for what is needed for each day of the week and hung it up in the kitchen (where the action happens).  Knowing my kids talent for pulling things apart just because they can, I did not attach it to their school bag.  They, and me, love the feel of the Cubeo too.  I know that sounds weird but it’s case is made of a soft silicon and it feels so nice to hold.  So every morning I find husband and daughter running back and checking the cubeo, when trying to get the school gear together – it’s a beautiful thing!  The only fault I could find is the number of sticker categories I didn’t use.  I think there could be fewer of some, and maybe a set of blank ones to fill in for things that are outside the usual categories, for instance I had to make one up for Early Intervention.  But otherwise I love it, I think it is a great organisational tool if not for your kids but for Daddies!  You can get your hands on a Cubeo or find out more here:  Disclosure: I was not paid nor given product to try for the above review.

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