World Autism Day is coming, what are you doing?

April 2nd 2010 is World Autism Awareness Day, what will you be doing to help spread awareness? Here’s how you can help. Head to these websites, register for events/workshops – find out what’s going on and be there!  –  This year Autism Hour starts at 9am on April 30.  Take the autism hour pledge and help raise awareness and spread the word about autism.

Host a social game of Pictionary in May to raise money and awareness for autism.  Visit  

Taking Care of the Essentials  is a one-day conference for parents and carers. Specialist staff from Aspect will explore practical approaches to issues relating to raising children and young people who have an autism spectrum disorder.  Click here for more information or to register. 

Register for Early Days – as part of the Helping Children with Autism package – they run local workshops for carers of children with Autism. Register so that they will come to your town to run a workshop.

Check out the World Autism Awareness Day site to find out about events in your nation.  – word has it that the Empire State Building is going to be lit up in blue lights to show support.

Autism Spectrum Australia have a list of events here:

And don’t forget to wear BLUE – April 2nd 2010


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  1. Hi – thanks for your message.

    We plan to release information about some of our latest research and will be launching details about the events we are involved with during Autism Month, including a visit by Stephen Wiltshire, internationally renowned artist and autistic savant, the Taking Care of the Essentials parent/carer conference, the Aspect Research Forum, Drawtism and much, much more. See the other pages on this blog for more info and to find out how to be involved…

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