New babies are like new computers.

I realised something today, a new baby is rather similar to a new computer. I was thinking about this as I fiddled around with my laptop and thought about its history of being temperamental, when the cry of another cantankerous little being beeped at me.

Think about it. You bring home I nice new computer, unpack it and set it up then you spend three months playing with it, loading new software apps from dodgy sites and exploring, or you’ve been carting it around and getting free wi-fi on it, and before you know it’s got a virus or something is just not right. Either way you’ve messed it up somehow and you have take it off to the computer doctor to fix it up. Can you see the similarities there?

After seven babies you’d think I’d know enough not to fall into a bad routine. But yes here we are, the kid is three months old next week and I think we’ve already broken this one. He thinks night is day and day is night and all he wants to do is ride in the car, as soon as the motor is running he passes out – it’s a beautiful thing.  I think he thinks we live in the car.

In this situation I know I am supposed to make sure baby knows that it is day time by doing ‘stuff’ with him. Making the day more interesting apparently. I don’t really know how his day could be any less entertaining, he does have quite a fully booked day of appointments. Not for him, but he gets to go to everything I go to, yet somehow the little bugger sleeps through it all, only waking to poop and eat. Come 9pm up he pops up and breaks out the drunken old man smiles, how can I possibly get cross with that little face?

So where does this leave me right now? In a not so nice person to be around right now, place. Given the very pitiful amount of sleep I’m getting each night, I am just not up for entertaining small people and making their day a veritable font of education and stimulation of their minds.

Is playing an ‘In the night garden’ dvd on a loop such a bad thing? I’m pretty sure the kids think Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle are some kind of creepy childless cousins that don’t come to visit, and just send us videos of themselves frolicking in their garden and counting the Pontipines.

I promise to try harder, but listen kiddies this is a two way street, mama needs sleep so she is more fun. This will be good for everyone people, husband are you listening?
Sometimes kids are exceedingly lucky they are cute.

I think I need to go get a nanna nap in, don’t you?


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  1. ROFL

    When Annie was born my husband used to refer to her as the new Input/Output device 😀

    We Input food, she Outputs into her nappy.

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