Time for a change.

I went to the Markets today, and came away empty-handed. Isn’t that sad. I had a moment to myself and I didn’t shop?! What’s wrong with me. Then I realised that it probably wasn’t me, but what was on offer. I give you exhibit A:

Now who thinks of selling a second-hand bed pan? More to the point, who buys one? Because when I came back past that stall it was gone!  If you look hard at the cake tray next to it you can see it is dirty. But the stall next door with the phallic cacti was no better really.

I think I’m getting tired of this town. Things don’t seem to change around here, even the local markets seem to have had the same stall holders for the seven years that we have lived here.  It is the same crap just a different day. So what to do about this? Do we need a tree/sea/city change?  I think so. And I think it’s been a long time coming. But where do we start, should we sell the house, should we change jobs, how on earth do we pull up stumps with this many kids and move on?   The time for planning has begun. Stay tuned 😉

In a side note; one interesting thing did happen to me while I was at the markets. I helped a woman round up her toddler before he ran into the nearby river. She looked pretty stressed out and I felt a little bad for her, until… instead of saying thank you she says to me “This will be you one day”. For moment I thought about putting her straight, but just knodded and said “yeah maybe”. Inner me was wanting to scream at her “taking only one kid out is a freeking holiday for me love”, but…  if only she knew.  The upside is that I must not look like a tired harrassed old mum of too many today. 

Now suck it up woman! I’ll tell you what extreme parenting is!

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  1. Debra Downey

    this is an exciting development! 🙂

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