Travelling with kids – things I have learned.

This is what a large family looks like on holiday. Bit of a crowd aren’t we.  Here we are at Lake Conjola on the south coast of NSW,  last February. From left to right we have Tom, 3 week old Charlie unseen in the pram, Austin peeking out in the middle, Henry in the back seat with Lucy standing behind him and Daddy pushing Georgie in the stroller as she was being too naughty to walk that day. You won’t see many photos of yours truly as I am always the one behind the camera.  I love this pram it has enabled me to do lot’s of things without having to chase three little people, but my god the comments we get when we are out with it; You must need a licence for that, Geez thats a v-double,You need an engine for that, I could go on and on. During our last holiday we took it to a beach side market and fete, and we seemed to get more attention than the stuff on display.  So much so, that the next day when we went for a walk around town we met some people along the way that said to us “Hey your that large family with the pram from the markets yesterday!”  Ah fame at last 😉 

A large family needs a bus. We have a 12 seater one. I love it, I can pack it with so much stuff and fit the kids in too. I doubt I’ll ever be able to go back to a smaller car, and to think when hubby and I got married we had a two door hatch back.

A holiday with so many kids takes an enormous amount of planning. I have to start making a list around about a week before I pack, as I come across or think of something I know I will need to pack, I go add to my list which usually lives on the fridge or in my diary. I have started packing in the manner of: a girls bag, a boys bag, a babies bag, a medicines/bathroom bag, and mum & dad’s bag. I used to pack a bag for each of them, but it was just too much stuff. I just have to make sure we stay somewhere with a laundry so that I can pack light.

Always pack something to do in case rain halts play.

And don’t forget to have fun 🙂

Travelling tips I’ve learned:

  • Make a list, WAY in advance and don’t lose it. And take it with you on the trip for when you are repacking to come home.
  • Pack a nightlight – great for helping the kids to deal with sleeping somewhere different.
  • Pack portacots – not every place you stay will have one, and the one they have may not be in that good shape (we’ve been offered some dodged ones in our travels).
  • Don’t pack too many sugary or salty junk foods in the esky (if you do, pack a bucket too) if their only choice is an apple they will eat it and are less likely to feel car sick.
  • Stay somewhere with laundry facilities so that you can pack light.
  • Twin screen in car DVD player for cars are AWESOME!
  • The trip will always take twice as long as you thought it would, if you have factored in six pee stops, double it.
  • Don’t invite other people’s kids along, there is no way you can keep up the model parent act for an entire holiday.
  • Have a decent car – I once had to buy a new car to come home from a holiday (yes really!)
  • Pack a boredom kit. For years I have packed one of those reusable shopping bags with things for the kids to do when bored. I buy a couple of new cheap toys,  a book or two, whatever I come across in the lead up to the trip. I make sure it’s full of things the kids haven’t seen before to make it interesting.
  • Don’t be frightened of asking the place your staying to remove breakables from a room before you get there. I have called ahead and told the owners to put any ornaments/vases/etc up high for me, so when we all tumble in the door I don’t have to run around and quickly take everything away and find a spot for it.
  • Save up lot’s of money before you go so that you can enjoy yourself, and maybe get a few (okay a lot of) takeaway meals so Mummy doesn’t have to cook as much while away (no it’s not really a holiday for mums, when you go away with lot’s of kids). And remind Daddy that he knows how to cook once in a while. 😉

I’m sure I will come up with lot’s more tips, and I will come back and add them when I do.

Cheers, hope this was useful to you 🙂

Time to go home…

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  1. Great tips here.

    We love our twin screen DVD players ,we traveled from Sydney to Gympie in a day (15hrs with food/pee stops) , then Gympie to Dubbo return with them and they are priceless.

    I always pack & take too much LOL .

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