Look it’s Susan Boyle!

Something fantastic happened in our house yesterday. As you may or may not know I have two autistic children.

Our autistic daughter, is three years old and has a very limited vocabulary. Every time she shows us that she understands something or says a new word we celebrate, it may sound like something small but to us each small step is a big one towards her leading a normal life – so we get excited.

Can you imagine my excitement yesterday when watching an interview of Susan Boyle on Oprah our little girl said: Look it’s Susan Boyle, Susan Boyle is singing a song”  – I stared at her mouth agog, I was stunned.  Look at the size of that sentence!
I couldn’t believe it. At hearing that sentence I cried, I was so happy. I didn’t even know she knew who Susan Boyle was, let alone paid attention to any music. We were so surprised, thankful and excited!  I was so amazed by Georgie’s little feat that I tracked down Susan Boyles site and send her a message about it, something I ordinarily wouldn’t do, but I was just that happy.


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  1. musictchr

    Hi Candy,

    Did you see the following response from DrBev to your post on Susan’s official site? I think this response is significant and made ME think, as a music teacher!

    “Candylea, As you have probably noticed by now, your little girl responds much more to words associated with music than to speech alone. She must be hearing Susan’s songs that you play repeatedly & they are “striking a note” as something meaningful to her. The fact that she could share that with you verbally is TERRIFIC. It tells me that she can use her words and the music to connect with you.”


    Candy, I am so happy for you that your three year old daughter was able to speak when she heard Susan sing! I can just imagine your utter joy in hearing those precious words! Susan does have an amazing affect on so many people!! I hope you continue to have little breakthroughs with your daughter. 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Thank you, yes I have checked back in to see the responses and I am so surprised at the attention my short little note is getting.
    Thanks for sharing in my happiness 🙂

  3. Cherokee's Mom

    Candy’s Family
    What a wonderful story. I have always believed that Susan is one of God’s vehicles bringing much needed inspiration and examples of how a person should look at others. It is awesome that she has helped your 3 year old to express herself. What a wonderful thing to hear her words.

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