My Uterus is Closing Down – Sale starts now!

Tomorrow brings an end to my fertility, and to me that’s kind of a big deal. I know I know what’s there to be worried about I have seven kids, my baby making days should be over right? Crikey we’ve had family and friends (yeah you know who you are!) hassling hubby and I about when I was going to get my tubes done for the last three babies!
Anyway, I know this will send a lot of people into squeals of shock and/or terror BUT, there is a small part of me that is not sure I am done having babies… I heard that.
But I know that it is the best option for me right now, having fallen pregnant on every kind of contraceptive there is, except the IUD which I haven’t tried, the only option left is something permanent. And my poor body has told me in no uncertain terms; “No more babies I’m stuffed and to prove it here’s a stress fracture in your ass bone!” Cop that girly!
But still something in me still thinks another little girl would be nice. I had always thought there would come a moment where I would ‘know’ I was done having babies. I’ve known other women that have had that moment. I am curious to know how they arrived at that point. And why, with my pending sterilisation tomorrow, haven’t I arrived at that same point myself. After tomorrow will I be full of regret for babies not had? I know a some people will view my desire to have so many children as selfish. I have even been accused of having so many children to fill some sort of ‘hole’ in my life, well at least I filled it with beautiful little people. I’m sure I’ll be okay with it eventually, I think it is time for me to get my body back and I’ve already got rid of my fat chick clothes. So I’m on my way.
Wish me luck and a speedy recovery won’t you 🙂 I’ve got too much to do and to get over this as quick as possible!

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  1. Wishing you luck and a speedy recovery.
    I know exactly how you feel.
    I closed up shop for good after Ivy and Noah and still think I would love another.

    Breeders of the world unite!

    Especially when we have to give up our baby days.

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