Happy 1st Birthday to my over-looked middle child Austin.

It’s your birthday kiddo, time for a party, time to make the most of being the cutest and smallest in the family – ah wait a minute, sorry kid that train has left the station, because what did mummy do eight weeks ago? Brought home someone smaller and cuter!

What can I say? You were so cute we just had to make another one.  Mummy is sorry buddy, I hope you don’t feel to robbed.

It’s been a big year for you my big headed little man hasn’t it. You had a shaky start but came through it all okay, reaching every milestone as you should and now I think you are just days away from walking – as long as you can hold up that head of yours, which has been quite the counter weight when it came to crawling – sorry kid, blame your father for the head, but trust me you’ll grow into it.

I’ve been thinking all day about your birth and the drama’s that happened that day, and I know that we are enormously lucky to have you here with us. So don’t think for one minute that because you are one of many that you are any less loved. From the first born to the last, I love you all the same – you are all very precious to mummy and daddy, and despite how busy things get around here I want to you to remember that always.

So Happy 1st Birthday Austin – I hope you have fun today, and just remember that down the track lot’s of siblings means lot’s of pressies.

Here is the boy opening his present this morning.

Follow this link if you’d like to read Austin’s birth story:  Australian Baby Guide.

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  1. so cute..

    I feel your love to your son just by posting this blog.. 😀

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