Till Autism came to town…

Things I never thought I’d ever have to do, or even know about, until Autism came to town….

  • Hide the salt shaker from my son, as he will pour it into hand and eat it.
  • Not be able to have those pretty smelling toilet cleanser blocks in my loo, because he ate it. Yes he really did. He smelt lavender fresh for a day, and probably lucky not to have poisoned himself.
  • That I would still be changing his poopy nappies at the age of ten.
  • That some days I would have to watch the same dvd over and over again just to stop the tantrums.
  • I would have to learn about, and become an expert on; early invention, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, disability grants, picture communication, the joys of applying for centrelink help and waiting lists, very long waiting lists.
  • That some times I could turn the wrong direction at an intersection and not even know it, until the explosion comes from the backseat.
  • That I would still be spoon-feeding my son at ten years of age.
  • That I would have to learnt to communicate with someone who just doesn’t want to bother with communicating with you.
  • And that I would be the only person who can understand what my son needs by his gestures/grunts/squeals and occasional words. Not even his father has worked it all out.
  • That the only way he will sleep is to sedate him as he doesn’t need to sleep, but we do!
  • I would have to join other parents in lobbying the government to recognise Autism on the PBS to lower the price of medications, that until a couple of years ago cost over one hundred dollars a month!
  • That I could have a child who will cry with hunger while sitting in front of his dinner, because he refuses to pick it up and eat it without constant direction and assistance.
  • That non-food items like: my make-up, the windex, phone charger cords, jewellery, shoes, you name it, just any old item that any house would have sitting around – would be an attractive chew toy for my son.
  • Sedation is the only way I can have any test done on my son, he will not let doctors examine him and he is now too strong for him to be held down. Yes I never thought I’d have to hold my child down for a visit to the doctor.
  • My handbag would be laden with tictacs, distraction toys, extra medications and a picture communication book, just to pop into the post office.

Right, big breath in aaannnnnnnd out. Needed that.

But despite all these apparent cons, and there are probably more, pages more that I could write, Tom is a beautiful little soul and often I know by the look in his eyes that he is in there wanting to come out, but is trapped by this awful affliction. I will get him out somehow. He is the reason I left a job I really loved doing. But I know what I love more. 🙂 It’s worth it.

I shall have to come back and write up some pro’s later on. Yes there are some. 🙂


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4 Responses to Till Autism came to town…

  1. Casey Mustchin

    Candy I’m not much of an emotional person but I was in tears after reading that. You are an amazing person to go through this every day and still have time for the other children. The way you described your son was breathtaking – he sounds like a beautiful little soul and he is lucky to have you as his Mum xo

  2. Leyanie

    It is very comforting to have found your blog. I also have a son with Autism, my angel on earth, Oscar, he will be 5 in May. Your comments here could be ones I made myself about our fella. Especially the grunts, groans and gestures bit. I too am a Mum very in tune to my special little guy.
    You are an inspiring mother, thankyou for sharing 😉

    • Leyanie – thanks for your comment, I had hoped that my ramblings would be of some comfort to somebody (mostly me, hehe). But I am glad it was helpful for you too. Feel free to message me again if you need to. 🙂

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