Two year olds = TROUBLE!

Henry is trouble. He is like having three kids all rolled into one. You would think that having two Autistic children, that I would spend more time chasing them, but no it is Henry that keeps us on our toes – literally, running on them. Just now he has done something to the set top box and now the picture is black and white for every channel! And I have gone through every button on the thing trying to fix it! What do you do with such a child? I can’t even keep him in a car seat and no amount special “escape proof” inventions I have bought will keep him in it! (I should hire him out as a product tester for those things). Right now I can hear him fighting with his nine year old sister and it seems he may be winning by the sound of it. Best go sort it out…

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  1. LOl but not too loudly my 3 yr old boys would give him a run for Olympic gold sometimes.

    I would feel like such a bad parent if I documented what they got up to 😉

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