Chasing down the blue boogers.

Getting all these kids ready for school on my own some mornings is, well I was going to say trying, stressful, chaotic, but I think I am going to go for: an extreme sport.  I think I would rather take my chances with a dodgy bungy cord, especially after this morning’s effort.

The day started at around 4am with Thomas deciding that running around the house yelling was a great idea. But we managed to con him back into his back watching a movie on my iPod. (Thank god for that kid proof case).   I had been up most of the night anyway with our five week old baby boy, so I was willing to sacrifice the iPod for the sake of some more zzzz’s.

Roll around to 5am when hubby gets up and heads off to work. Some how he felt it necessary to wake me up to tell me he was leaving.  Hmmmmm, anyway…

At 6am I give up on sleep and get moving on getting these kids ready for school. I get up to find that Tom has pooped himself and was happily sitting on the couch watching the winter games wallowing in his own stench.  So who wants breakfast? Phew!

Fast forward an hour or two and they are all dressed, bags and lunches packed, it’s time for me to get myself organised. I have learnt not to get myself dressed till last as I always end up with some sort of stain on me before I get out the door, and it’s usually something sticky.  I was just pulling a shirt over my head, when I hear the screaming of a full blown tantrum coming from outside. Bloody hell!  Thomas has decided to drop his bundle for no apparent reason and had managed to get the back door open and was pelting down the driveway and towards the road, it the damn gate was open! We have to keep our gates/doors/windows locked most of the time because of Tom. Ah the joys of Autism.

So there I was half dressed tearing out the door, shouting instructions at the rest of the kids to stay put as I passed, chasing the boy up the road and dragging him back into the house.  It wasn’t until we got back to the house that it my pelvis politely reminded me that it is currently suffering a fracture, by throbbing rather painfully.  I am secretly rather impressed with myself, that I am still able to burst into a sprint even in the state I am in. But anyway, I bundle the boy inside and settle him down, and finish dressing.   

Keys in hand, we’re almost there. Georgie sneezes and out from her nose came a copious amount of bright blue snot. Blue! Turns out the kid has stuck a small piece of blue chalk up her nose, so out come the tweezers and yet more physical exertion for me as we engage in a wrestling match to get the hunk of chalk out. I change Georgie’s shirt and pick up the keys again.   

Right everyone grab your bags we’re off!

As they all toddle out the door to the car I spy that Henry is only wearing one shoe. I am sure I put two on him!  What has little Mister OCD done with his shoe? Henry is obsessive about everything, it drives me batty, I find things put away in the strangest places the upside of this is that at least one of this mob is tidy. Twenty minutes later I find that he has put the shoe in his bag. I found out after I  finally herd them all into the car that his sister had seen him put it there and hadn’t bothered to part with information while watching me tear the house apart looking for the damn thing!  I suppose she thought that if she didn’t tell me school wasn’t happening today?

It’s 9.30 by the time I get them to school, I’ve already been up for hours, and this is not good.  I throw them all out of the car at their various institutes and inform their teachers that I don’t want to hear from them unless the kid loses a limb, and even then just put it in the fridge and I’ll pick up later.  I’m going home to have a nap. That is of course if I can ever get these two babies to settle at the same time…


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  1. Pen

    Candy you are truly extraordinary and I love reading your musings on motherhood. I’ll be a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for the link to ABG and feel free to post a link in the forums back to here : )

  2. Hi Candy, thanks for the giggle!! As the mother of 4, the youngest being an Aspergian, I know how hectic mornings are…mine are not nearly as hectic as yours though!! I will definitely be a regular reader of your blog. I’m also a friend on Facebook, so feel free to have a chat anytime. 🙂

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