I think I done busted my stinkbone!

Last night I moved the wrong way and something in my lower back went POP! I acquired a limp afterwards similar to somebody who would probably be named Igor.
So this morning I had to have an X-ray.
And to have an x-ray you have to strip down to your undies and put on a gown.
So there I was bra-less in a cotton gown, laying flat on this big moving table and not allowed to move while they took the x-ray pictures.
At this point I was (am) in quite a bit of pain, my breasts decide to fill with milk. Yep, what a place to have a big gushing let down of milk.
Two saucer sized wet patches appear on the front of my gown, which was green in colour and showed up the wet patches nicely, had the gown been white or even patterned I may have had a chance of concealment but noooooo.
I was so embarrassed as the x-ray guy was someone I know and I am likely to see again.
And I was even further embarrassed as I then had to walk out of the x-ray room and across to the little changeroom where my gear was and be seen by two more people who were waiting their turn, and not able to cover my wet patches with my hands as they were busy holding the back of my gown together.
Some days I so wish I was a bloke.

The x-ray doesn’t look very good. I don’t think a tailbone should look like that at all. The doctor is working out what to do about me right now.

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  1. Alaksuleiel

    Owwwwwwwie,I hope it works out nicely Candy!

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