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So I turned thirty-six two days ago. Thirty six. Am I really that old? I can remember when my mother turned thirty-six in the year that I was 16. I am sure she looked a lot older than I do now. I just cannot fathom that forty is only four years away from me. My gorgeous husband did his best to make it a good day despite him having to work, he bought me a ring. Which is the one piece of jewellery I’ve been angling for for years, he finally got the hint. Okay so I may have left a jewellery catalogue in the bathroom for around a month. I actually wanted the ring as my push present (for those who aren’t in the know, apparently getting a pressie for pushing out a baby is the done thing these days). And I figured that after pushing this many kids out for him I deserved something, having only ever received a card from him when I had our first son and nothing since, no not even flowers. So I started asking him for said present at around three months before baby arrived… “Come on honey show me some love, the kind that doesn’t end up with me stretching my girly bits over a rockmelon forty weeks later.” Come labour day and contractions were around five minutes apart and closing he says “You can’t have the baby yet I haven’t got your push present yet”. I am pretty sure he chose that moment to tell me because he knew I wouldn’t be able to respond.
Moving on to a week before my birthday I ask him what he has in mind to get me, because there was a couple of things I needed and was intending to get those myself to save him the effort of having to go shopping, make a decision, make the effort. But he tells me it’s sorted. (insert raised eyebrows here), and asks if it would be okay if this present covers my birthday, valentines and my push present (insert second set of raised eyebrows here). But not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I say yes, but wonder how he’ll feel if I pull the same stunt on his birthday. “Here you go Honey, Happy Birthday/Christmas/Easter/Hannuka/Valentines!”.

So here it is my birthday/valentines/pushing present…  Yay, he gave me jewellery!

Then we got a heap of chinese takeaway and follow it with cake, that’s all a gal needs really 😉

Happy Birthday to Me!

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