Lucky cats.

Today I got to have some time out away from home, by myself. This almost never ever happens. Actually I think the only time I don’t have a kid with me is maybe in the ten minutes I have between leaving the house to collect one of them from school or wherever.

Anyway I went downtown. That’s what us country folk call it when you go to the shops, going downtown. We don’t have a mall or a plaza, if its raining here the shops is not the place to go as you have to dash from one to the other in the rain. I got to wander aimlessly for the first time in ages, and indulge myself by fondling anything that took my fancy… no, don’t be rude 😉

I went to Inverell’s newest little kitsch shop which I have never been to because it has stairs. Not that I have problems with going up stairs, it’s just that I cannot get my three seater pram up those steps on my own. Anyway, I went to this shop:  (they don’t seem to have a real site yet).   Where I found these gorgeous little lucky cats, I was so besotted by them I had to have them.

I love all things sanrio, tokidoki, Japanese Kokeshi dolls (Kimmidolls) you name it. And I don’t often get my hands on these sort of things around these parts. So to find something like this here, it just made my day.  And since I had such a lovely morning I felt compelled to record it, to remind me to do it again sometime.

And just for the sake of it, here’s another lucky kitty 🙂

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