Let’s get it out there and over with, yes we have a lot of kids…

Don’t you own a TV? Don’t you know how that happens? You know they’ve got a cure for that! If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard one of these o so clever clichés, I’d have…  well I don’t know, but at best guess it would probably pay off the visa card. You’ve heard them before, and I’m willing to bet that there’s a sporting chance that one of them has come out of your mouth at least one.  Come on admit it.  And they never get old! I sure don’t get tired of hearing them.  Not…    They are as good as hearing “you must have your hands full” every time I go to the supermarket. Yes, every time.  I hear at least one of these cheeky little comments every day, because I have more than two children. In fact I have seven. No we’re not catholic either.  So it doesn’t take a flipping genius to work out that yes, I have my hands full, and thanks so much for pointing it out. Haven’t heard that one before!

But it’s not all bad. I lot of people, most people really, are usually amazed and tell me that they don’t know how I do it. (I don’t know how you do it, is the working title of my book so far). And I have to admit its these kind of comments that help me go on some days 🙂

A large family was not something that we planned. When the subject of kids came up I didn’t really have a number in mind, I sort of expected to know when I was ‘done’. Husband said that he wanted three kids. 

Over the past seven or eight years I have kept a half baked sort of personal blog from just before I had baby number three.  It’s quite a hap hazard assembly of journal entries, some years I was diligent and other years you were lucky to see an entry at all.  I don’t even know what prompted me to start an online blog. It is quite possible that I needed somewhere to bitch and rant about the kids and husband.

I would have to credit my online blog, and net chattering in making a large contribution to whatever has kept me sane since the arrival of my children. I have met (online) other mothers of large broods, as we have a shared isolation that comes with this many kids – you get stuck in the house. So where do you go? Online. These mums and I have shared many a story or tip, tabled arguments (that we’re having with our spouses) and laughed at the clever comments we get from many a nanna at the supermarket.  I underestimated the nature of such online friendships, and have since discovered what lengths one mum will go for another. I have had online friends email me their phone numbers when they know I will be in the town they live in. When one of my boys was airlifted to another town, I was inundated with offers of assistance, and two mums that lived in that town sought me out at the hospital and brought me chocolate and the offer of childcare – god love them, I didn’t know people like that existed. 

Anyway back to my point, yes there was one I was getting to eventually. How did we happen to have this many kids?  I tracked back through my old blog entries and found this from August 2005;

If you are wondering why we have chosen to have more children, (I think I have written about this earlier in my diary) firstly; my hubby always wanted to have three children with me. Our eldest child is autistic, severely so. His younger sister is all the support he will have once we are gone, and he hers. Can you see where I’m going with this? We need a bigger team! So we had every test possible, including genetic tests, and everything came up fine. We have been given the odds, and we have decided to take the bet, and well here we are. Hubby wants to have two more children, he believes that this will compensate for the amount of effort we went to, to have them. I think we’ll see how we feel after one, if we even achieve it?!

I guess somewhere along the line we got carried away?

It may sound like we don’t like having this many kids from the gist of what I’ve written, but that is not so. True we may never have another sleep in for the next ten to fifteen years, we will never again be able to drive a normal sized car, every holiday will require a trailer for our luggage, our grocery shopping will always take up two trolleys, my hand bag will always be industrial sized (using a large shopping basket thing right now!), but hey surprisingly it is all good fun. I didn’t realise how much kids can make you smile 🙂 even though you are so busy!

I realise we are very lucky to be able to have this many children, I know some people probably view us as selfish or as burdons on society. But the reality is we can look after ourselves and do.  We didn’t make the decision to have children recklessly, okay a couple of them were surprises but they were surprises we could cope with. Life does have its chaotic moments, but we don’t regret a thing 😉

So there you have it, a vague version of how we came to be – clear as mud right? I’m sure I’ll get a handle on blogging eventually 😉

Cheers x

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