My Birth Stories – Austin

Austin Samuel Bodhi arrived on March 5th 2009, at around 36 and a half weeks gestation. It was around a 4 hour labour. A posterior birth, once again. And once again the midwives and doctor would not let me move around the room or get on my knees, total agony. I hate this tin pot country town so much sometimes, I wish our medical care was better and that I had more choices. When Austin popped out he was chocking on my blood, because it turns out I was bleeding very badly behind him. Within minutes he was purple and had to be placed into a o2 box, we had another 36 weeker who couldn’t breath on our hands…. great. Ripped off getting a post birth cuddle and feed again, what are the odds! So he had to be airlifted to Newcastle by Careflight Chopper, but this time I couldn’t go with him as I had had such a bad bleed I needed to be kept still for 24hrs. So by the time I got to newcastle he was three days old, I wasn’t even sure what he looked like, all I had was a few grainy little photos taken with our phones before he was hooked up to machinery to help him breath.

When I walked into the NICU I was seized with fear/stress/terror, after having spent time with Henry in RWH NICU on my own. At least this time hubby was with me. Austin was sleeping when we arrived, but soon stirred and cried, when I spoke to him he seemed to settle – ah he knew my voice. A bit over a week later he recovered and we could finally take him home.

Once home it took a long time before he settled into feeding normally (being tube fed caused problems) and he was very slow to gain weight to start with. He is now six months old and only really sort doing normal baby stuff now. Still coughes a lot though, the doctor is watching that though.

It still only seems like yesterday that all this happened, I am pretty sure its all only just catching up with me now. And here we are expecting another one! Bit of luck we’ll will have moved by then and be at a nicer hospital, fingers crossed!

Here he is in the NIC unit.

 Home at last 🙂

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