My Birth Stories – Georgie

Well it’s a Girl!

Georgie Eleanor came into the world on the 11th of July, at 7.35am after being induced the night before. She looks like her daddy. I am still recovering after quite a traumatic (to me) delivery. Georgie was back to back. Her spine against mine, absolutely excruciating. I had pethidine, but that did nothing but render me unconscious for the 30 seconds between very very painful contractions.
Apparently I was screaming for an epidural for at least 3 or 4 hours, so my husband said, but the midwife didn’t call anyone until she worked out I was really in trouble at about 6am (full labour started at about 2am) The doctor was finally called in because I was bleeding from somewhere and baby had to be got out very quickly, which meant pushing when I was only 8cm dilated and having my first episiotomy. OMFG!!!!  Georgie came out facing up, hard and fast with the cord around her neck 4 times, and oh my god I am bruised! (You know where).
Afterwards the doctor told me that I had lost a lot of blood, which end up being replaced intravenously. She had pulled the placenta out as she came out.  It took me four days to stand up without the room spinning. I cannot believe how injured I am, I also did some ligaments in the left side of my pelvis whilst pushing her out.  Georgie recovered quicker than I did, she wasn’t placed on my chest straight away, her cord was cut super quick and oxygen had to be put on. But thankfully she seems unharmed and is now feeding very well, and is the first of my babies to breast feed properly. And she is very beautiful.  Her brother and sister seem to have taken to her okay.  Every time she cries Tom runs over to look at her, and then laugh at her hysterically!  Lucy considers Georgie to be hers and measures out how long you are holding the baby compared to how long she got to hold her.  And her daddy just can’t stop looking at her.

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